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sentida 7-i continues to collect design awards

With the renowned Red Dot Award and the distinction of best product in its category for the Plus X Award, the intelligent nursing home bed has already received five prizes this year.


New decontamination center opens in France

A new decontamination center has recently opened in France. About 60% of the daily maximum capacity (about 230 units) of the equipment of the facility has already been covered by a contract with APHP (amalgamation of 50 university clinics in Paris).


Air2Care – the new anti-decubitus mattress

The Air2Care products are primarily intended for patients and people needing care. An active mattress like Air2Care achieves its therapeutic effect due to a layer of air with alternating pressure.


image 3-w – The washable hospital bed

The “W” in the product name stands for “washable”; the new generation of beds has been especially developed for effective use in washing facilities and decontamination centers.

Active Seniors –  The new wissner-bosserhoff portrait calendar has come out


Active Seniors – The new wissner-bosserhoff portrait calendar has come out

Wickede, December 2014 - Sport is this year’s theme for our calendar series “Homage to Life.” During research and the photo shoots we noticed one thing: Whether in the water, ashore or in the air – our seniors are unstoppable! René Schwerdtel, photographer from…


LINET Group announces another record revenue

LINET Group, the leading European producer of healthcare beds, closed its 2013/2014 financial year with record net revenues of EUR 146.7 million. In a year-on-year comparison, that represents an increase of 8.4 percent; recurring EBITDA reached EUR 22.6 million…