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Lateral - i.e. sideways - pivoting is a recognized means of improving the patient's state of health. Fully programmable, it can become part of a complex strategy to improve oxygenation and prevent pulmonary complications. Therapy cycles can be easily and individually specified by the caregiver on the LCD touch screen.

Brakes the bed automatically one minute after mains connection.

Caring for intensive care and critically ill patients is undoubtedly one of the most physically demanding tasks for nursing staff.

To a large extent, these activities determine everyday nursing care. In many cases, care also requires the patient to be positioned laterally, e.g., when changing bedding, during mobilization, and during basic care. Thanks to lateral swiveling, multicare enables the patient to be turned or moved laterally with minimal effort.

When transporting patients over long distances or uphill corridors, caregivers are exposed to the high loads to be moved and the risk of back injuries or other musculoskeletal impairments increases.
These risks can be reduced with the help of the optionally selectable motorized 5th roller i-Drive Power.

Repositioning the patient for examinations with the C-arm (part of the basic equipment) and standard RTG is both time-consuming and strenuous for the patient and the nursing staff. Thanks to the integrated C-arm and RTG cassette slot for analog media in the multicare, this laborious repositioning process is no longer necessary.

- With the Ergoframe® positioning system, the negative effects of positioning are prevented
- The pivot point of the backrest and thigh rest is raised above the actual lying surface
- The space in the pelvic area is increased during backrest adjustment
- Reduction of friction and shear forces due to enlarged seat area and stable mattress position

- Mobi-Lift® is equipped with an integrated function button for adjusting the height of the bed.
- This allows the patient to individually and actively support the process of getting up.
- The effort required by the nursing staff is minimized.

Targeted weight monitoring in a patient who is in critical condition can facilitate a variety of important decisions. Weight information can support individualized medication dosing, and stored data can serve as a progress monitor to assess overall condition.

Technical features

Outer dimensions (side rails up)

215 x 105 cm
Mattress platform extension 22 cm
Recommended mattress size 208 x 86 cm
Max. mattress height 23 cm
Bed height 44 – 82 cm
Maximum backrest angle 70°
Maximum thigh rest angle 30°
Lateral tilt 30°
Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg position 13°/16°
Height of side rails (above mattress platform) 45 cm
Weight (basic equipment) 224 kg
Safe working load 250 kg
Lifting pole bearing capacity 75 kg

  • Height adjustment motors
  • TR/ATR tilt adjustment motors
  • Lateral tilt adjustment motors
  • Backrest adjustment motor
  • Thigh rest adjustment motor
  • Calf rest adjustment motor
  • Bed extension motor
  • Multiboard with LCD touchscreen in both head side rails
  • Patient controls in the side rails
  • Handset
  • Supervisor panel
  • Foot controls
  • Plastic split side rails with integrated controls
  • Safe gap concept (entrapment prevention)
  • Side rails down sensors
  • 4-section mattress platform
  • Ergoframe
  • Non-removable HPL covers
  • X-ray translucent
  • C arm compatible

The column unit is patented. The bed's unique construction base provides great stability and guarantees continued functionality when loaded to 250 kg (safe working load).

  • Removable plastic bed ends with multicare design
  • Foot end with safety locks
  • Mobi-Lift handles
  • 4 castors 150 mm Tente Integral
  • 4 double castors 150 mm Tente Integral (O)
  • Central castors control adjustable from 4 points
  • Retractable 5th castor i-drive (O)
  • Automatic brake i-brake (O)
  • Integrated scales
  • Multi Zone Bed Exit Alarm
  • Nurse call



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