Your benefits at a glance

Support with mobilisation measures and daily care activities:

  • Convenient automatic care functions (comfort seat automatic, prophylaxis automatic, CPR automatic, Trendelenburg automatic) at the touch of a single button.
  • Optimal nursing height of 80 cm. Designed for ergonomic and back-friendly work
  • 15 cm undercarriage clearance enables the use of many care aids

Comfortable beds not only elevate residents’ quality of life, but also support nursing care efforts:

  • Unique Ergoframe® technology (double retraction) increases the space available in the pelvic area by 16 cm
  • A broad mattress portfolio for different resident requirements
  • New uni decor seamlessly integrates with almost any room design
  • Bed exit system SafeSense® enables autonomous self-mobilization
  • Optional covers (fabric or imitation leather) for head and foot sections add a touch of homey comfort
  • Extension of the lying surface by 20 cm per accessory

Falls become an overall risk with increasing age:

  • Safe sleeping height of 25 cm minimizes the risk of injury in the event of a fall
  • SafeSense® bed exit system signals to caregivers that the resident is about to leave the bed and has an adjustable timer (0-30 min.)
  • Automatic night light by the SafeSense® system provides additional orientation at night
  • Braking system protects against unintentional movement of the bed

Our goal: Reducing risks in resident care:

  • Intuitive and proven user interfaces.
  • Electrical lockout for sensitive care functions on the handset
  • Minimization of pinch points and no hazardous gaps
  • Optimized cable management (incl. cable length and strain relief)

Your benefit:

  • Earlier detection of falls than through routine checks.
  • The night light provides orientation in the dark
  • Higher level of safety during closely staffed night and weekend shifts
  • Nurse call with flexible timing
  • Stand-alone solution with separate power supply

Your benefit:

  • Real-time motion monitoring for the detection of pressure ulcer risks.
  • Bed exit monitoring with resident-specific settings
  • Nursing monitor app provides overview of all data
  • Optional humidity assistant for better protection against maceration and pressure ulcers
  • Stand-alone solution with separate mains connection

Technical features

External dimensions, min./max. 90 x 205 cm/ 99 x 205 cm
Lying surface 90 x 200 cm
Mattress size 87 – 90 x 200 cm
Double retraction 16 cm more space in the pelvic area
Height adjustment 25 – 80 cm
Driveability At any bed height (highest flexibility due to movability in all directions)
Underclearance 15 cm
Brake System Single castor locking
Castors 100 mm single castors
(Anti-) Trendelenburg, pivoting 12°
Safe working load 205 kg
Max. resident weight 170 kg
Bed weight approx. 80 kg (with basic equipment)
Protection class IPX4
Protection level II

  • Central brake
  • Mechanical emergency lowering of back and leg rests
  • 125 mm single castors with central lock
  • 100 mm double castors with central locking device
  • ¾ side rails (from October 2023)

The optional LED reading lamp provides additional comfort

With innovative functions, the movita sc nursing bed enables comfortable care while ensuring the highest level of product safety.



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