Intelligent care beds are becoming more and more popular in nursing homes, as it has been recognized that they can provide long-term relief to caregivers through intelligent functionalities. For example, in the project "Health Care 4.0", which is currently being carried out by the city of Wallenfels in Upper Franconia.

Since 2016 the association "Oberfranken Offensiv" supports the project "Gesellschaft 4.0 - Digitale Kommune". As part of a competition, the city of Wallenfels and the district of Wunsiedel had applied with project ideas, the jury awarded the contract, so that now until the end of 2018, the platform "Health Care 4.0" arises. The planned telemedical application of an online consultation in Wallenfels should serve as a model especially for the nursing home St. Elizabeth of the Caritas Association.

sentida 7-i is part of the project

The focus is on the medical care of residents who are in inpatient or outpatient care. In a digital nursing file, the most important vital data should be recorded and made accessible in a protected system, provided the residents have given their consent. The data collection and measurements carried out so far nurses. In the future, digital care beds, such as the sentida 7-i from wissner-bosserhoff, will take over these tasks. They are equipped with sensors and measuring stations.

Eva Maria Müller, chairman e2-health and telemedicine Upper Franconia e.V., have convinced the functions of the care bed: "Many nurses complain about the many time they have to spend with the nursing documentation. This time is lacking in order to be able to fulfill the work she has done in the nursing profession, "working with the human being". In the long term, this leads to dissatisfaction, mental overload and, in the worst case, even to illnesses. The "intelligent nursing bed" from wissner-bosserhoff is an important step that helps to "do one thing without having to leave the other one" and thus to increase satisfaction in nursing. The direct feeding of the data into the electronic nursing documentation saves time, eliminates sources of error and, above all, spares nurses and residents. "


Care bed with extensive functionalities

In particular, the extensive functionalities of sentida 7-i ensure that the nursing bed is ideally suited for this ambitious project. Thanks to the integrated, calibrated weighing system, nobody has to leave the bed to weigh. A liquid sensor determines if the resident has subsided or sweats. Alarm functions can be set, for example when a patient gets up at night and is not back after ten minutes.

In addition, the sentida 7-i offers the highest level of integrated intelligence with many innovative features. The extensive functionality of the sentida 7-i is easy to use and integrated into CareBoard®. With the 7 "LCD touchscreen for the nursing staff, it has been possible to arrange the functional diversity in clear menus and to facilitate the daily care for the user.


Relief in the care documentation

Cornelia Thron, Managing Director of the Caritas Association for the district of Kronach e.V., sees this as follows: "I am very glad that we have a partner in wissner-bosserhoff who adopts our suggestions for improvement and implements them on the basis of close cooperation in effective solutions. It is the practice that shows where and in what form improvements are appropriate. The Caritas Association for the district of Kronach e.V. lives the continuous improvement process with regard to the well-being of the residents, as well as the support of the employees. With the further development of sentida 7-i, we have managed to significantly relieve the employees in the nursing documentation, as the data to be collected flows directly into the nursing software and eliminates the intermediate step of data entry.


The beds can be individually adjusted to the needs of the occupants, e.g. In the event of a fall-prone person, the nurse will visit the room after an individually determined time after leaving the bed. This has the consequence that the nursing staff can react much faster, should a person, e.g. to have fallen at the toilet at night. Of course, all this is done in agreement with the resident and in compliance with the GDPR. "

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