Recently, the first items of our new mobilization assistant SafeLift have been delivered to nursing home customers in Germany. The Ludwig-Uhland-Residence in Bad Wildbad, Swabia was one of the first houses to receive the product and equipped 12 sentida 5 nursing beds in ambulatory living with SafeLift. Area Sales Manager Ralph Lenz presented the innovative Mobilization Assistant to the future nursing staff yesterday. Next Monday, the first residents will move into the rooms and use the new bed controller for the first time.

The Ludwig-Uhland-Residenz is a quarter house of the newest generation. WohnenPLUS calls the Protestant Home Foundation (EHS) its own developed form of living, which consists of various, individually usable housing, care and nursing services. The offer is aimed primarily at people with care needs. Depending on need, residents can take care of a cared for apartment, the visit of the day care or the resident chooses a shared flat.

SafeLift is a completely new, unique and wireless operating concept for care beds, which considerably relieves the nursing staff and also revolutionises bed operation for the resident. It offers the simplest operation so that the occupant can adjust his bed independently and bring him into the optimal mobilization position. At the same time, he can rest on the SafeLift controller when getting up. This promotes the self-mobilization of the resident, reduces staff calls for bed adjustment and relieves the nursing staff.

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