Nuremberg, March 2021 - More comfort for the Nuremberg South Hospital: In the next few weeks, around 1000 beds will be replaced there. wissner-bosserhoff is equipping the facility with the image 3-w washable universal hospital bed. The new beds are more comfortable for the patients, and they also make life easier for the nursing staff.

The replacement is a logistical and organisational challenge because it takes place during ongoing hospital operations and under pandemic conditions. "Despite the current pandemic situation, however, the change of beds can be mastered quickly," says Peter Schuh, Director of Personnel and Patient Care at Nuremberg Hospital. "I am pleased that with our new beds we can make the work of the nursing staff easier and at the same time contribute to patient welfare," he continues.


State-of-the-art requirements


The beds meet the most modern requirements: "We didn't want to compromise either on comfort for our patients or on the complex requirements of everyday medical care," says Thomas Brandl, Project Manager in the Corporate Development Department at Nuremberg Hospital.

The machine-washable image 3-w universal hospital beds are electrically adjustable, can be lowered to a height of 28 centimetres and have an individually adjustable side guard. They therefore optimally help to prevent falls and support mobilisation. The under-bed light offers patients immediate orientation, especially at night. The mattresses used are characterised by high lying and sleeping comfort with efficient pressure relief.


Beds relieve nursing staff


The staff's wishes regarding the functionality of the beds were taken into account in the selection process. For example, the additional fifth transport roller will make it easier for staff to manoeuvre in patients' rooms and during transport within the hospital. The hygienic requirements were also improved once again. "When designing the bed for our image3-w universal bed, we had the needs of both patients and hospital staff in mind," says Franz-Xaver Schaller, Sales Manager South at wissner-bosserhoff. The bed is used on all wards in the Nuremberg South Hospital with the exception of the wards for infants in the paediatric clinic.



Photos (c) Giulia Iannicelli / Nuremberg Hospital

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