After our commercial trainees successfully qualified for the next round in the group phase of the business correspondence game, they competed against the five other group winners from NRW in the state final round on May 7. In a competition that was exciting right up to the end, they were able to enjoy first place at the end of the day and thus qualify for the national final round.

Due to the current situation, the state final round was also held in an online format. After a short welcome round and the mutual introduction of the teams, the general conditions of the new market were presented by the game management. All teams started with the same starting point regardless of their performance in the group phase. This round was about the production and marketing of robotic mowers.

Compared to the group phase, however, the conditions here were made more difficult by a lower advertising impact and higher price sensitivity among consumers. In each game period, decisions had to be made again for the functional areas of purchasing, production, marketing, sales and finance.

After the first game period, the wissner-bosserhoff team initially placed 4th. It quickly became clear to all participants that not only had the general conditions changed, but also that the competitor teams were now much more willing to take risks. Nevertheless, our trainees managed to play their way to first place in game period two. Since first place was occupied by different teams in each of the first three game periods, it took a lot of skill to make the right decisions until the very end. A change of strategy in the last decision period finally resulted in the wissner-bosserhoff team winning the state final round in NRW in a neck-and-neck race.

This automatically qualified them for the national final round on June 24, where they will compete against the winners of the other German states.


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