Once again this year, our commercial trainees / dual students took part in the remote planning game for trainees. In the group phase, which ran from November to the end of March, they successfully beat nine other teams in their group and became group winners with the highest total profit earned.

In the Internet-based remote planning game playbizz, which is organized by the Bildungswerke der Wirtschaft in Germany, a total of 54 teams in 6 markets competed with each other in NRW. The teams were each assigned the management of a medium-sized manufacturing company under the same starting conditions. This year, the focus was on the production and marketing of e-scooters.

Over four game periods, the task was to react to changing economic conditions on the domestic market and later also on the foreign market (e.g. changing saturation volume and price sensitivity, wage levels, raw material prices, etc.). To this end, decisions had to be made in each period in the individual business areas of purchasing, production, sales, marketing and finance. The results of the previous period were communicated to the teams on the basis of balance sheet, P&L, bank account and corresponding departmental key figures.

The team from wissner-bosserhoff succeeded in becoming group winner with the highest total profit generated over the four match periods. This means they have qualified for the NRW state final round on 07 May 2021, where they will compete against the six other group winners from NRW.

Due to the current situation, the state final round will also take place online.

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