Thanks to a series of innovative and practice-oriented product features, the sprint 100 stretcher from wissner-bosserhoff offers a high level of safety and comfort. Patient-oriented treatment and care can shorten the length of stay in the emergency room, increase patient satisfaction and make the process planning in this functional area targeted and efficient. Thus sprint 100 can support the different requirements in this very complex application area.

The emergency department is one of the most complex units in a hospital because it is subject to a wide variety of influences and is confronted daily with new, surprising and often life-threatening situations. In emergency situations, before and after outpatient procedures/examinations and in intra-hospital transfer situations, everything must be just right. Precision in timing and handling can be decisive for the success and thus the outcome of the patient. Practice-oriented equipment features make the Stretcher sprint 100 from wissner-bosserhoff extremely reliable in clinical procedures - facilitating fast and safe intra-clinical transfers with a focus on the patient and his vital functions. Safety, patient comfort and support as well as the optimisation of work processes through innovation and functionality are the standards in outpatient and emergency medical care from wissner-bosserhoff.


Safe, practical and operable with one hand

In clinical practice, integrated infusion stands for transport couches are often used in used as push handles. Here, the sprint 100 from wissner-bosserhoff offers a safe and practical design in which the infusion stands can be pushed in and folded up with one hand. Conventional IV stands often break when they are used as push handles. The IV&Drive function of the sprint 100 is particularly robust in order to minimize the risk of damage and associated consequential costs on the one hand, and to optimize procedures for staff on the other. The IV&Drive function has been developed to improve the practicality and safety of the stretcher, to reduce follow-up costs and to provide ergonomic support for the personnel in their workflows.

Heart position ensures optimum patient access


The sprint 100 can be moved from a flat lying position to the cardiac chair position for optimal patient treatment and care. Breathing and circulation can thus be supported effectively and quickly even in critical situations. The transport couch with 4-section mattress support surface can be brought quickly and easily into the heart chair position using hydraulic and gas spring mechanisms. This is because treatments are easier to perform when the patient is in a sitting position. This additionally supports the comfort, well-being and safety of the patient.


Easy to drive and drive under

The retractable 5th castor allows smooth driving and maneuvering of the sprint 100 over uneven floor coverings and possible obstacles, such as elevator entrances and thresholds. Patient comfort and safety are thus significantly increased. To achieve better shock absorption, the roller is spring-loaded. With its diameter of 160 mm, obstacles can be easily overcome. To make the stretcher fully compatible for use with different medical devices such as C-arms or X-ray machines, the 5th roller can be retracted or extended. With a simple push of the foot lever, the 5th roller is retracted under the chassis, making room for medical equipment to pass underneath.


Fall prevention thanks to soft drop function

The side guards extend over almost the entire length of the stretcher and can thus additionally support fall prevention measures. Thanks to the soft drop function, the side rails can be lowered smoothly, gently and quietly. The side rails can be lowered quickly from both ends of the stretcher to allow unhindered access to the patient, especially in an emergency.

Braking system according to requirements

With the four-sided brake system, access to the brake is guaranteed at all times, allowing a quick reaction time and thus transport without unnecessary loss of time. The brake function can be accessed as required by changing position. The brakes can be easily released and are activated by pressing the foot lever downwards instead of pulling it upwards. This minimizes the effort required and supports ergonomic working.


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