The wissner-bosserhoff range offers solutions from a single source for a wide variety of hospital wards, from emergency beds to high-end intensive care beds. The Wickeder company has many years of experience in the production and development of bed and furnishing solutions for hospitals.

Professional advice for the specialist departments of clinics is just as much a part of the scope of services as the fulfilment of new hygiene standards. The focus of all products and services is on the sustainable increase of customer benefit. The functional aspect with technological innovations is just as important as the high design standards.


Acute care - from optional services to normal wards

The universal beds from wissner-bosserhoff are characterised by various side guard solutions, attractive hotel and clinic designs and additional nursing options. This enables an optimal selection for individual customer wishes. Thanks to their variety of options, the beds can be used universally on all wards.

With the image 3 series, wissner-bosserhoff has achieved an unprecedented series of success and more than quintupled the sales figures for hotel hospital beds in the German market. Its balanced ratio of timeless, aluminium embossed look with clear lines and homely trend decors creates a modern look and ensures an active healing environment. The design is ideally suited for all wards and creates a special ambience even in elective service rooms.

With the increase in the average age of patients in hospitals in recent years, the risk of injuries from falls has also increased significantly. image 3 combines several unique product features into one concept for sustainable and effective fall prevention. The fall prevention concept is largely based on SafeFree® side protection, the 3-stop strategy and a safe low position. The Safe-Free® side guard, which has been patented for more than 10 years, follows the recommendation of the expert standard fall prophylaxis. The split side guards can be pulled out and lowered comfortably, quickly and space-savingly in just 2 seconds. The low position of only 28 cm, which can be quickly reached via an automatic function, supports fall prevention, especially during bed rest. This significantly reduces the risk of injury when falling out of bed. 


Intensive care

In an ICU, everything has to be right: People and technology are expected to perform at their best. From acute care to highly specialized intensive care units, wissner-bosserhoff offers the right solutions for intensive care beds.

The multicare intensive care bed from wissner-bosserhoff is an almost ideal solution for the demanding area of intensive care. Whether university hospital or hospital of standard care: multicare stands for the highest demands in intensive care. From basic to special care, from intraclinical transport situations to the support of complex inpatient preventive and therapeutic measures and including emergency care, this intensive care bed offers a complete solution for the highest demands.
multicare convinces with its constructive and therapeutic system concept. Nursing measures and medical care can be simplified and accelerated at critical moments. The advantages of kinetic therapy are made accessible by the lateral pivoting - up to 30 degrees on both sides. This lateral therapy function also makes multicare a budget-friendly investment because it is DRG-capable.

The integrated weighing system becomes a true added value. With absolute and relative weight indication with hourly storage of the data and graphic processing of the measurement results, there is comprehensive information about the patient's current weight so that this can be taken into account in therapeutic decisions. 

One-day surgery and short-term care

Today, a large number of cases of illness are treated in day surgery. Even with oncological treatments or dialysis, patients can usually return home after a few hours. wissner-bosserhoff has developed products that make such short stays in hospitals as pleasant as possible.

Patient care can be improved by adapting patient treatment processes to treat patients efficiently and cost-effectively, without compromising patients or service providers. pura, for example, is a new, fully equipped chair for day surgery, diagnostic procedures, comfortable dialysis, oncological treatments or blood donations. The pura's new side guard concept increases the level of safety in professional outpatient care and offers the patient more protection and comfort. The available functions support ergonomics and make the work of the nursing staff considerably easier.

The side guards are equipped with soft-drop technology. The gentle and quiet lowering of the side guards is not only pleasant for the staff, but also reduces stress for the patient during the stay in the chair. Thanks to the different positioning options for the back and leg sections, the pura can be used in many different ways, from therapeutic interventions in the horizontal position to individual and simple adjustment during longer stays in the chair for treatment procedures.



The wissner-bosserhoff children's beds are tailored to the special needs of children and their parents. The requirements go beyond the valid safety standards for children's beds. They support the principles of ergonomic care, such as free access to the patient or an ergonomic care height.

With tom 2, wissner-bosserhoff offers an advanced solution for patients of pre-school age. Modern children's beds should not only be safe, but also easily accessible for the nursing staff. The electrically adjustable crib from wissner-bosserhoff meets these and many other requirements. Hospitals and patients alike demand a crib of the latest generation with many new features. Thanks to optional equipment variants, tom 2 is also ideally suited for use in intensive care units.

The unique concept of the telescopic side guards, which guarantee optimal access to the patient at all times, is particularly innovative. The side guards can be adjusted in 3 steps from 0 - 80 cm. In the lowest position, the side guards are located slightly below the mattress so that the nursing staff has unhindered access to the patient. The middle position of 40 cm gives the child a good view out of bed, while the highest position of 80 cm guarantees maximum protection against falls.

The side guards can be easily, quickly and ergonomically adjusted by the staff. tom 2 also features an attractive design with clear lines, modern materials and fresh colours. The bedheads consist of large, transparent surfaces and thus provide a good overview of the bed. 


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