The Privatklinik Martinsbrunn decided to cooperate with our partner Ladurner Hospitalia when setting up the renovation. As a result, last year 94 sentida 6 as well as 50 bedside tables and tray carts for the major project were delivered to South Tyrol. Our partner is proud of the cooperation with the Private Clinic of Merano, which is one of the best known establishments in South Tyrol. Almost every Meran has seen the light of day in this house, or has visited a relative in the facility over time.

With the upcoming renovation, the house secures for the future and initiates a fundamental structural change. So the purely private clinic is now, in collaboration with the city administration, to act as a nursing home for Merano. New ideas are also trying to improve the local medical supply. In addition to the beds and bedside tables, our partner has taken over the entire furnishings of the house. From the tables and chairs to the kitchens and lights, everything was organized and put together by Ladurner Hospitalia. Through this project, the individual beds, bedside tables, cabinets, chairs and tables could be perfectly matched to each other, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.


The former clinic is displayed in the entrance area of ​​the clinic.

Ladurner as a reliable partner in South Tyrol

Ladurner Hospitalia has been an absolutely reliable partner in medical technology for more than 60 years. The company's customers, based in Meran, include nursing homes, hospitals and pediatrics centers. Not only are medical and personal care products sold, but turnkey facilities are also being built, such as the Privatklinik Martinsbrunn.

Universal low bed sentida 6

With its homely design and innovative functions, the universal low-care bed sentida 6 fits perfectly into your day-to-day care. The patented SafeFree® side guards ensure the maximum safety for the residents without restricting them with freedom-free measures. Learn more about the features of the sentida 6!

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