With the low bed image 3 and SafeSense®, the security level can be noticeably improved. During sleep, the Bed Exit Assistance System can help reduce the use of side rails. From now on, the bed can also be ordered including a preparation for SafeSense®. This allows the system to be deployed quickly and easily where it is needed.

Falls are one of the most common problems in clinics. Health damage resulting from the falls is serious, especially for the elderly, with considerable restrictions on independance and mobility. As a result of demographic change, the average age of patients in German hospitals is steadily increasing. Every second patient in the hospital is already over 60 years old today. Requirements for fall prevention will continue to increase accordingly in the future.

Clever bed exit solution

SafeSense® is a smart bed-exit solution that can help reduce the use of side guards, especially during the night, and is therefore recommended as a freedom-preserving measure for the benefit of patients. It signals the nurse that the patient has left the bed or is about to leave. As a result, falls can be detected early and their consequences reduced. SafeSense® is equipped with a night-light automatic, which shows the patient the way safely, for example, when going to the toilet at night. The night light is automatically activated at the bed exit and goes off when the patient is back in bed. In addition, the intelligent bed-exit system has a flexible nurse call timing and thus the possibility of adjusting the time interval for communicating the nursing staff with the individual mobility grading of their patients. Thus, the reaction time can be significantly reduced in falls. The system can be retrofitted to all electric care beds from wissner-bosserhoff from 2002 onwards.

Successful low-bed series

With the image 3 series, wissner-bosserhoff has recently achieved an unprecedented success story and has more than quintupled its sales figures for hotel clinic beds in the German market. Its balance of timeless, aluminum-embossed look with clean lines and homely trend decors, creates a modern look and ensures an active healing environment. The design is ideal for all stations and also creates a special ambience. A variety of attractive decors is already available as standard. Intuitive shapes and symbols on the controls simplify handling.

Unique fall prevention concept

With the increase in the average age of patients in hospitals in recent years, the risk of falls due to falls has also increased significantly. image 3 combines several unique product features into a concept for sustainable and effective fall prevention. The fall prevention concept is largely based on SafeFree® side rails, the 3-stop strategy and a low position.
The patented Safe-Free® side rail system, which has been patented for more than 10 years, follows the recommendation of the expert standard for fall prevention. The split side guards are comfortable, quick and space saving in only 2 seconds extendable and lowerable. Depending on the care situation and patient size, they can be adjusted individually in 4 height levels and do without center posts, guide rails or center-gap protectors. SafeFree® is more than 600,000 times tested in practice and does not represent a deprivation of liberty in principle in the case of half-sided use according to the classification of the Werdenfelser Weg.

The low position of only 28 cm, which can be reached quickly via an automatic function, helps to prevent falls, especially during bed rest. The risk of injury when falling from the bed is significantly reduced. In addition, a night light improves the orientation of the patient at night and gives him a sense of security, even when getting up.

Suitable solutions for safe mobilization

Exercise and mobility have a positive effect on many areas of care and have a preventive effect; For example, rapid mobilization (early mobilization) after surgery can reduce the risks of various complications. The mobilization of patients is not always without risk of falling. Therefore, image 3 has various devices that can assist the patient in self-mobilization and caregivers in assistive mobilization.

The 3-stop strategy has an automatic stop at 42 cm, which is typical chair height, thus facilitating mobilization of the patient when getting up or transferring to a wheelchair. A preprogrammed mobilization position offers the optimal bed position with staff backrest. The special design of the SafeFree® side guards also ensures a secure grip and a good grip when getting up. In addition, thanks to the flexible height adjustment, the side guards can be optimally adjusted to different patient sizes.

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