Your benefits at a glance

  • A simple, but still a highly effective option of the Virtuoso® range. The alternating layer offers zero pressure and 3-cell technology. This mattress is placed on a standard mattress. 
  • Layer with static head cells, alternating torso, leg and foot section cells 
  • High quality and comfortable mattress for partially mobile or dependent patients. 
  • Top deck with static head cells, alternating torso cells and alternating foot section cells 
  • Bottom deck with passive foam base 
  • An option for patients with low-risk pressure ulcers. It is a combination of an alternating air layer with a static air layer. 
  • Top Air layer (static head cells, alternating torso and foot section cells) 
  • Bottom deck with 3 static sections 
  • A suitable high quality alternating pressure mattress for patients in standard departments. It has two alternating layers therefore offering effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. 
  • Top Air layer with static head cells, alternating torso cells and alternating foot section cells 
  • Bottom deck with static head cells, alternating torso and leg cells and static foot section cells 
  • For patients with a very serious condition as well as for prevention and support of pressure ulcer treatment. 
  • Cells in the head area are equipped with four separate valves that can be individually set at three positions - static, alternating and deflation to suit the needs of the patient and to support daily nursing procedures.
  • Four separate valves can be set individually at two positions in the heel area – alternating or deflation. The selective deflation feature maximises pressure elimination in the high risk area of the patient’s heel. 
For critical ICU patients with compromised mobility and at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers but with specialist nursing needs of: 
  • Elimination of pressure at key body sites due to the severity of existing ulcers or very low tolerance to alternating pressure in these areas. 
  • Access for clinical staff to the patient or nursing procedures. 
  • Space below key body sites allowing use of other medical devices that may present additional pressure area risk when applied/ attached to the patient. 
  • Permanent deflation of top deck air cells to make space for body parts for Prone nursing.

    Special safety function providing additional patient protection preventing bottoming out when one or more cell valves are used to deflate the mattress area for clinical purposes. 

Technical features

The virtuoso with 3 cell technology provides the benefits of Zero Pressure for maximum prevention and regular application and removal of pressure for maximum therapy

  • In the context of pressure ulcers, microclimate usually refers to skin temperature and moisture conditions at the skin-support surface interface. virtuoso helps maintain the natural thermoregulation by the air circulation. 
  • It helps manage humidity of a patient’s skin in order to help prevent or assist in the treatment of tissue damage related to moisture on the skin. 

The system increases the mattress pressure in the seat sections automatically and linearly when the backrest is raised. The linear pressure increases between 11–46 degrees for virtuoso Pro, virtuoso Head & Heel Zoner and virtuoso Air + Alternating Air Base. In other models it works when the backrest is adjusted at 30 degrees. 

  • The easy to use cable management system eliminates the tripping hazard for staff and visitors. 
  • Also reduced potential power cable damage increases equipment availability and decreases repair costs. 

The Virtuoso® system control unit (scu) is designed with ergonomics and ease of handling in mind. It is easy to carry and to mount on the bed. The simple to use front panel controls with clear graphical symbols make operation easy to learn and remember. 

It is possible to connect 6 different mattresses and alternating seat cushion to one single SCU.