The bedside cabinet has an open front that is especially designed for residents afflicted with dementia. The content is easily accessible for the resident due to the open design. Thanks to the two-color design, the outline of the bedside cabinet can be seen better by the resident. The rounded edges minimize the risk of injuries. For easy transport to the desired place, the bedside cabinet has 4 castors as a standard.

Technische Daten

Outer dimensions:

450 x 650 x 450 mm

  • Castors make the bedside cabinet easy to move to wherever it is needed
  • melamine coated
  • edges in contrast surface
  • Content of the bedside cabinet is easily accessible for the resident
  • Low risk of injury in case the resident collides with the edges of the bedside cabinet
  • Outline of the bedside cabinet can be seen better by the resident, minimizing the risk of injuries
  • Body Havana cherry (R5681) / edges After-Eight (R5447)

  • Body maple (R5184) / Edges Havana cherry (R5681)

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