Your benefits at a glance

Benefit from a homely design with a continuous side panel, regardless of the required mobilization or safety situation of the resident.

Tool-free adjustment of the side elements, no technician required.

Fast conversion to changing resident situations - with gap closure without (1) and with handrail (2) or fully adjustable side rails (3)

As flexible as the side elements are, the budget can be used flexibly, as you only pay for the elements that your residents really need:

(1) Completely without side rails as comfort bed
(2) With only head-end elements as mobilization aids
(3) As wall protection with foot-side exit
(4) With 4 fully adjustable side rails



Closing the gap between side panel and lying surface for protection against accidents caused by entangling or clamping.

Secure attachment of the elements prevents unintentional loosening or removal of the  elements.


Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001

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