The trainees at the new educational campus of the Hochsauerland Clinic in Arnsberg can look forward to new aids for generalist nursing training.

The skills labs at the educational campus are now equipped with two new, high-quality beds. The image 3 universal hospital bed and the sentida 7-i intelligent nursing bed from wissner-bosserhoff make it possible to realistically simulate situations in nursing and geriatric care. In skills labs, trainees can thus excellently practice dealing with everyday nursing procedures in a stress-free environment.

Mathias Schürmann, area sales manager at wissner-bosserhoff, recently presented the beds to the educational campus as a donation. "It is clear to us that proper nursing and hospital beds make a big difference to the well-being of the patients or residents, but also to the nursing staff. Learning how to routinely handle beds during training makes it easier to get started in the profession later on," comments Schürmann on the donation to the educational campus.

Petra Niermoeller, who is responsible for training at the Hochsauerland Clinic, thanked the Education Campus team for the fantastic donation and is already looking forward to using the tools in the classroom!

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