wissner-Bosserhoff also sees its home in Wickede (Ruhr) in the future


Thomas Erbslöh, the new managing director of wissner-bosserhoff GmbH, visited Mayor Martin Michalzik in the town hall for a first detailed talk. In the joint discussion with Ruth Hornkamp, Economic Development Officer, the focus was on the opportunities that the internationally active company would like to use in the globally growing care and health market.


wissner-Bosserhoff also sees its home in Wickede (Ruhr) in the future: "Our company has its roots in this community and will remain connected to it with clear growth prospects," Thomas Erbslöh emphasised. He explained that the company is focusing on a digitalisation strategy to make care processes and documentation much easier for employees in the care sector: "Sensors on and in the beds in conjunction with smart apps that record important values and changes and report dangers can mean a combination of classic high-tech manufacturing with digital innovation that will keep a German location competitive in tough global competition."


"It is a compliment for us as a local municipality that the owner and management of wissner-bosserhoff are planning and implementing considerable investments and innovations here in Wickede (Ruhr) for the future," Mayor Michalzik countered. "The strong industrial character of Wickede (Ruhr) with innovative companies supported by owner families is a very big plus for our town, especially in these difficult times."

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