Intelligent healthcare beds are increasingly finding their way into care facilities, as it has been recognised that they can sustainably relieve the burden on care personnel through intelligent functionalities. The aim here is to provide caregivers with the best tools for their many and varied tasks, while at the same time keeping an eye on the residents, whose health and comfort must always be paramount.

Dynamic trend towards digitalization

The dynamic trend towards digitalisation is opening up new technological approaches, which wissner-bosserhoff sees as a great opportunity to improve the conditions for high-quality care in the long term. In doing so, the Wickede-based company is paying particular attention to noticeably relieving the burden of carrying out care routines and comprehensively simplifying the complex documentation obligations. Always linked with the goal that the technology used allows more time for the essentials: more time for the personal care of the residents.

sentida 7i - The intelligent nursing bed with integrated scales

The sentida 7-i digital nursing bed provides nursing homes with reliable solutions for relieving the burden on nursing staff and for the well-being of the residents, valuable nursing time can be gained. For example, with the new nursing documentation tool directly at the bed or the input and transmission at the CareBoard®. The same applies to the integrated bed scales, which, compared to the transfer to a transport chair with subsequent transfer to the scales, allow up to 15 minutes time per weighing process.
The new digital functions therefore not only relieve the burden on nursing staff but also contribute to greater efficiency in facilities. They use the highest security standards and save valuable nursing time for the benefit of the residents.

The calibrated scales integrated in the bed support the nursing staff without the need for complex lift or wheelchair and thus ensures comfortable and humane weight recording for documentation purposes. In addition, the stored and weekly or monthly rhythm, the weight trend displayed on the display improves medical care and additional conclusions for the dosage of drugs or for the assessment of lymphostasis in the legs. Thanks to the new "Save&Send" functionality, the weight data is available in the maintenance documentation in real time.

Even the most important vital data such as blood pressure, pulse or temperature can be recorded with this function and transferred to the documentation software. In addition, a short checklist offers the possibility to enter the daily nutritional protocol. This relieves the nursing staff noticeably.

Everything at a glance with the multi-call function

For this purpose, the healthcare bed has intelligent sensor technology that reliably supports the reduction of FeM day and night. It is equipped with an automatic night light that is activated when the occupant gets out of bed and goes out when the occupant is back in bed. The sentida 7-i is compatible with almost all nurse call systems on the market. A call can be made even before the resident leaves the bed.

Three additional sensor assistants also ensure a higher level of safety around the nursing bed. The assistants for side guards automatically report inadvertently raised side guards. In this way, unauthorised deprivation of liberty measures (FeM) can be prevented.

A Bed Height Assistant notifies nursing staff when the stored bed height is changed. This ensures, for example, that the low position is set at night and the best transfer position during the day, thus making a significant contribution to fall prevention. In addition, the Brake Assist signals when the brake is released and not locked again after a care or cleaning process.

Using the multi-call function, events occurring simultaneously can be differentiated in such a way that the nursing staff can prioritise the processing sequence. This means that the resident who needs help most urgently can always be helped first.

SafeSense® - Intelligent bed exit sensor technology


The SafeSense® bed-exit system is available as an accessory for all wissner-bosserhoff nursing home beds (from year of manufacture 2002). It can noticeably improve resident safety in times of reduced personnel. SafeSense® signals to nursing staff when residents are leaving or about to leave the bed. Falls can be detected at an early stage and possible consequences prevented or at least reduced.

The system is equipped with an automatic night light, which shows the resident safely the way, for example when he or she goes to the toilet at night. The night light is automatically activated when the resident gets out of bed and goes out when the resident is back in bed.

In addition, the intelligent bed-exit system has a flexible nurse call timing and thus the possibility of adapting the time interval for notification of the nursing staff to the individual mobility gradations of its residents.


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