wissner-bosserhoff's cordless and battery-free SafeLift mobilization assistant has already received its third design award, the prestigious German Design Award. The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, which are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by the high-caliber international jury. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented economy. In particular, the jury praised the innovative design of the product: "With its round design, the wireless control unit is modern and appealing, with a clean, formal and functional solution."

Revolutionary bed service for the resident

SafeLift is a clever mobilization assistant that revolutionizes bed operation for the resident. It works without cables or battery support thanks to the latest technology and promotes the individualized mobilization of the resident by simple bed operation. Due to the simple installation and retrofitting SafeLift can be retrofitted for wissner-bosserhoff nursing beds and can be used flexibly. Its ergonomic shape is ideal for every resident and provides a secure grip when getting up. A LED orientation light under the bed and fluorescent, large buttons on the SafeLift controller ensure good visibility even in the dark. Thus, the individual mobility of the residents - according to the expert standard "mobility" - optimally supported.

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