Delivery beds are indispensable in the delivery room and support the birth process from labor pains and childbirth to the recovery and postpartum phase. The Maria Hilf hospital in Brilon in the Sauerland region of Germany has now opted for the modern ave 2 delivery bed.

"We already have three delivery beds, but they cannot be compared with the new, more modern "ave 2" bed," says Zoi Malawetsis, Head of Obstetrics at Maria Hilf, enthusiastically about the product, which was installed just over a week ago. Zoi Malawetsis has been working in obstetrics in Brilon for 38 years and has been working as a midwife for more than 40 years. "The new bed has already been used several times in the last few days and has completely convinced my 13 colleagues."

A delivery bed cannot be compared to a normal bed. Many components make it an important companion during childbirth. Delivery beds are used in Brilon next to the delivery tubs to relieve and support both the woman giving birth and the child as much as possible during the birth. "In addition, this medical aid with its numerous functions also facilitates the work of midwives and doctors," stresses the head of obstetrics in Brilon.

The weekly ward in the Brilon hospital has 13 beds. Every year, up to 700 children are born in the Brilon Obstetrics Unit. The catchment area for expectant mothers ranges from Büren and Bad Wünnenberg via Marsberg, Willingen, Korbach, Medebach, Ramsbeck, Meschede, Rüthen, Warstein and beyond.

The ave 2 delivery bed is suitable for all phases of childbirth, i.e. from labor pains and childbirth to the recovery and postpartum phases. The expectant mother has a lot of comfort and enough space for active support from her partner. A minimum height of 600 mm enables the mother to enter the bed comfortably and safely. This bed position can also be used for birthing exercises. On the other hand, a maximum height of 1050 mm ensures a perfect position in which the treating physicians can optimally approach the woman giving birth in the event of additional gynaecological care. In addition, the bed can be moved to the Trendelenburg position and the CPR position to ensure maximum safety even in emergency situations. 


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