Digitalisation and a state of care emergency are the much-discussed buzzwords - sentida 7-I connect is the answer.

wissner-bosserhoff is always intensively involved with the processes surrounding the nursing bed. The aim is to provide caregivers with the best tools for their diverse tasks and at the same time to focus on the residents, whose health and comfort must always be at the forefront. The dynamic trend towards digitization opens up new technological approaches that wissner-bosserhoff sees as a great opportunity to sustainably improve the conditions for high-quality care.

Innovative product combined with the mixture of conservative and new media information channels convinced the jury having wissner bosserhoff be in the final round of the Healthmedia award.

“The Health:Angel is characterized by competent communication. More than 400 times already. The previous winners have set standards and established the high reputation of the Health Media Award® in the industry.” said the jury of the award.

Especially the short animated films of core USPs of sentida 7-i connect always available via the YouTube channels and the successful new media strategy (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn) give another perspective on the products. Nevertheless, the connection with classic media like prospects are essential for our target group.

Finally a pitch presentation by Ringo Wittig (Sales) let wissner bosserhoff and the solutions of sentida 7-i connect be the winner of our Health Media Award Health:Angel.

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