Last week we accomplished our first delivery to the district hospital Alsfeld. The house will be equipped with a total of 180 image 3. In six different partial deliveries, the hospital receives 30 image 3 each, in order to be able to guarantee the exchange of beds during the ongoing hospital routine. District Administrator Manfred Görig, who is also the chairman of the supervisory board of the clinic, personally inspected the first delivery.

In addition to the patients, the hospital staff was particularly pleased about the new acquisition. Many work processes could be simplified, such as the use of page backups. So they had to be on the previous beds always consuming and disassembled, if required by the patient's condition. Due to the split side guards of the wissner-bosserhoff beds, this is no longer necessary. If necessary, the side guards can easily be moved up or down in seconds.

The low position of the beds was also positively noticed by the responsible persons of the hospital. "With a possible height of just 30 centimeters, severe injuries in the event of a fall can often be avoided," explained Christof Blessing, senior area sales manager of wissner-bosserhoff, at a detailed presentation of the numerous bed functions.
Furthermore, in addition to the fifth transport role, which enabled a more flexible mobilization of the bed, and the under bed lamp made enthusiasm. This lamp allows the occupant to orient himself during the night without having to turn on the large room light.

In addition to the image 3, 180 stylo 3 bedside tables were also delivered to Alsfeld, which will also modernize the patient rooms. "It is good that we can make our hospital more modern, bit by bit," said District Administrator Manfred Görig.

By March 29, all beds in Alsfeld should be delivered and integrated into the daily routine of the clinic.

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