Your benefits at a glance

A chair with small castors is more appropriate for comfortable transport in small and narrow spaces.

The rotation of the castors around axis increases the good manoeuvrability of the chair in a closed space.

Easy access of the attending personnel to the patient when beeing examined.

The height adjustment faciliates the work of the nurse because it enables a comfortable transfer of the patient from the chair to the bed.

Hydraulic lift for tilting the seat section and adjustment of the armrest as a support make it easier for the patient to get out of the chair. Automatic lowering of the foot section during exit brakes the chair.

A chair with big castors is more suitable for transport outdoors or on uneven surfaces.

Comfortable and easy adjustment of backrest by the patient also increases his/her self-reliance and independence.

Technical features

Total length in basic state 910 mm
Total length when lying 1610 mm
Total width 685/705 mm**
Maximum lift (height adjustment) 240 mm
Back rest adjustment angle 12° to 70°
Foot rest adjustment angle 11° to 87°
Arm rest adjustment angle -25°, 0°, 25°, 90°
Maximum user weight 150 kg
** standard armrests / armrests for blood taking

Attractive design bringing full-value moments

Positive impact on old people

Regard to functionality, attractivity and simplicity

Popularity with attending personnel

Prestige of the facility

Modern interior

Removable seat part for easier maintainance

Easy and quick cleaning with common cleaning and desinfecting agents

Active safety elements: safety footboard, central brake.

Passive safety elements: armrest, table, big head rest, side supports.

No naked lever mechanism

No jam points

Robust materials



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Multifunctional and transport chair SELLA