A 16 cm high viscoelastic intensive care mattress for multicare and eleganza 3xc with reinforced edge zone, skewed edges for an optimal adaptation to the patient surface, reinforced foam in the pelvic area and excellent pressure distribution. 

Technical features

7 cm viscoelastic Polyurethan foam with VW 85 on the upper side 3-part, 9 cm Polyether cold foam with VW 55 on the bottom side with reinforced foam in the pelvic area
Pressure distribution of 35 % in average in comparison to standard foam according to DIN 13014
With 10 cm reinforced edge zone on both long sides for fall prevention and easier mobilisation
aqua plus grey, bi-elastic, antimicrobial through silver protection, welded stitches, latex free

2 handles for easier handling (no patient transfer)
evacuation cover

200 x 88 x 16 cm
208 x 88 x 16 cm
140 kg (lying)

intensive care, acute care

Fire protection according to BS 7175 Crib 5

  • 2 layers
  • Upper layer made of 7 cm viscoelastic Polyurethan foam, VW 85
  • Bottom layer consisting of 3 parts made of Polyether cold foam, VW 33 in the head and heel area, VW 80 in the middle area
  • Reinforced edge zone made of Polyether foam, VW 40
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