Your benefits at a glance

The innovative, lateral swivel function reduces the amount of force required when repositioning the patient.
- Carrying out care measures under ergonomic aspects by the caregiver.
- Simplifies daily positioning strategies for pressure ulcer prevention and supports physiological movement patterns with the smallest shifts in the center of gravity.
- Stepless swiveling of the bed for individualized and needs-oriented care.

Sophisticated safety features controlled by the monitoring system

Safety under control - The BedMonitor system continuously monitors the main safety features of all beds in the department.

Siderails Concept - Reduced side space needed for siderails release.

i-Brake - The automatic brake prevents falls caused by the unstable bed, especially during bed exit.

SafeStop® - Reclining surface stops automatically by sensor in case of obstacles under the reclining surface - The risk of accidental crushing can be reduced.

Multizone bed exit alarm - Fall prevention by monitoring the patient’s motion activity and presence in the bed.

30° Auto-Stop - The electric backrest stops automatically at an inclination of 30 degrees.

Lowest position - Lowest position reduces possible consequences of falls.

Early mobilization supports preventive and curative care measures. When getting out of bed, three innovative functions help:

With the help of the patented Mobi-Lift® , the patient can adjust the bed height and individually control his mobilization.

Ergonomically shaped handles in the side rails provide additional support.

Lateral swivel
Getting the patient out of bed is made easier by adjusting the bed height and lateral swiveling.

Cardiac chair position
provides optimized support for respiratory function and offers increased comfort when feeding and reading, eating or watching TV.

Fowler 30° positioning with Ergoframe®.
Uniform pressure distribution to prevent skin damage; Minimized friction and shear forces when raising the thigh and backrest; Reduced pressure on tissue due to double retraction of the reclining surface

Improved pulmonary ventilation

Vascular position
Positioning with the legs at the level of the heart; Optimizes venous return; Positive effect on swelling (edema)

Complete circulatory positioning
Passive Leg Raise (PLR); Measure to evaluate fluid status without a central venous catheter

The iBoard integrated into the side rails offers an ergonomic solution for operating the bed with advanced functions for care and therapy:

- Logical display of all information
- Patient-facing operation
- Preset functions and safety features
- Ergonomics - central operation of the bed
- Digital display easy to read from all angles
- Intuitive operation on one level

i-Drive Power - the intelligent, motorized 5th roller.
The intelligent accelerator with 2 levels optimizes speed in different driving situations and facilitates bed handling.

This unique function prevents unintentional activation or misuse of the system. Basically, the bed cannot be moved without a hand on the SafetySense area of the drive handle.

The X-ray capable bed design allows X-rays of the lungs without having to lift and reposition the patient. The X-ray cassette can be positioned precisely under the patient's thorax.

Weighing system
The integrated weighing system displays the patient's current weight and stores selected weight values. The system allows the removal and addition of e.g. accessories without influencing the weight data.

Technical features

External dimensions

219 ×100 cm

Bed extension

22 cm

Mattress dimension 208 x 90 cm
Max. siderails height 45 cm
Height adjustment 43.5 - 81.5 cm
Lateral tilt 15°
TR/ATR tilt 14°/14°
Safe working load 250 kg


Practical foot controls for the easy handling of patients.

Horizontal corner bumpers protect the bed.

Mattress platform - An easily removable and cleanable mattress platform.

Mechanical CPR / Additional option to electrical CPR for urgent use.

5th castor - Increases the flexibility of manoeuvring the bed in small spaces. Makes driving the bed easier along long corridors.

Integrated patient controls with illuminated keyboards.

Bed ends - Ergonomically shaped bed ends for easy transport.

Height adjustment motors

TR/ATR tilt adjustment motors

Lateral tilt adjustment motors

Backrest adjustment motor

Thighrest adjustment motor

Calfrest adjustment motor

Bed extension motor

iBoard in both head side rails

Patient controls in the side rails illuminated


Supervisor panel

Foot controls

Plastic split side rails with integrated controls

Safe gap concept (entrapment prevention)

Side rails down sensors

4-section mattress platform

Ergoframe ®

Removable plastic covers

X-ray translucent (option) backrest

The column unit is patented. The bed's unique construction base provides great stability and guarantees continued functionality when loaded to 250 kg (safe working load).

Removable plastic bed ends with E5 design

Bed ends with safety locks


4 castors 150 mm Tente Integral

4 double castors 150 mm Tente Integral (O)

Central castors control adjustable from 4 points

Retractable 5th castor i-drive (O)

Automatic brake i-brake (O)

Integrated scales

Multi Zone Bed Exit Alarm

Nurse call (O)

Safe stop (O)

Night light

Digital angle indicator

Bed monitor

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