Your benefits at a glance

+ Great range of passive, active and reactive therapy systems adapting to the individual needs of every patient 

+ Available options for therapy include an alternating pressure system with effective zero pressure, microclimate management, constant low pressure and Low-Air-Loss 

+ Good pressure redistribution properties thanks to the reduction of contact pressure and good adaptation properties to body contour and irregularities 
+ Includes adhoc, block and build-in renting
+ Offers flexible adaptation to individual needs 
To complement our rental models additional customized services can be booked:
+ Decontamination
+ Logistic services
+ Installation in the room of the patient
+ and many more
+ Order and management system online 

+ Order of rental systems with short reaction times 

+ Detailed consumption and order statistic on demand 
+ Support on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day 

+ Fast reaction times in case of malfunction 

+ Execution of maintenance on the highest standard 
+ Treatment in certified decontamination centers 

+ According to the standards of the RABC (risk analysis and control system bio contamination) 

+ Consequent separation of used and clean rental products 

+ Documentation of the complete rental history of the product 
+ Delivery and collection of the rental systems 

+ Quick response time

+ One collection point or directly into the room of the patient 

+ Flexible delivery and collection of the products 

+ Stand-by stock possible (for emergencies)