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The calibrated scale integrated in the bed supports the nursing staff without the cumbersome use of hoists or wheelchairs and therefore ensures a comfortable and dignified weight recording for the documentation. 

With sentida 7-i, also BMI can be directly evaluated in the Care Board. The value displayed here is based on a calibrated weighing system and is therefore very accurate.
With sentida 7-i, wissner-bosserhoff presents an intelligent nursing home bed with an intelligent sensor system, which reliably helps reduce freedom-depriving measures day and night.

It is equipped with an automatic night light, which is activated when the resident leaves the bed and is deactivated when the resident is back in bed again.
For the activation up to five time intervals are available for activating the Bed Exit.

In the new nursing care routine menu the most important vital data such as blood pressure, pulse or temperature can be recorded quickly and easily.

Moreover, a short checklist offers the opportunity to enter the daily nutrition record. The data are transferred directly to the server of the nursing care software with Save&Send.
Three sensor assistants ensure a higher level of safety around the nursing home bed. A signal is sent by the integrated sensor system as soon as an activated assistant reports an unsafe situation involving the bed. This prevents accidents caused by falls. 

Using the multifunctional call, it is possible to differentiate and prioritize calls.

The digital nursing home bed sentida 7-i has all the important interface standards already integrated and uses proven standard health care protocols to transfer the residents’ data.

This guarantees the secure and reliable transfer of your residents’ data in almost real time, whereby the carers save time and their workload is considerably eased.

Middleware now makes data transfer from the bed to the nursing documentation is now even easier

  • Cotton humidity sensor mat detects humidity in bed
  • Well suited for residents with light incontinence
  • For improved continence and dignity of the resident
  • Sensor sheet washable up to 95° C
  • Stimulating care at the highest level
  • Extendible Mobi-Lift handle with integrated height adjustment
  • Intelligent light concept helps the resident get to the bathroom at night

Technical features

Safe working load:

250 kg
Max. patient weight: 215 kg
Outer dimensions: 208 x 106 cm

  • Integrated fall protection - for robust day-to-day care in intensive care settings
  • CareBoard® holder available for Design G and Gx

Digitalization and the nursing crisis are the much-discussed buzzwords - the sentida 7-i nursing bed is the answer.

  • Divided side guards „SafeFree®"
  • Continuous side guards

Chassis design:

Hybrid lifting column
Castors: Ø 50 mm double running castors. Fully covered castors.
Brakes: 2-castor central braking system. One pedal brake for each axle.
Movability: at every bed height

Digitalization and the nursing crisis are the much-discussed buzzwords - the sentida 7-i nursing bed is the answer.

  • Wall distance holder
  • Horizontal protective corber bumpers
  • Vertical protective corner bumpers

Manual CPR-release



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