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This combination provides efficient pressure injury prophylaxis and excellent comfort for lying and sleeping.

Viscoelastic foam is often referred to as “memory foam”. It reacts to body heat and body weight. This allows the body to sink into the mattress slightly, providing optimal support and adjustment to the body’s contours.

Perfect fitted reinforced edges with a width of 10 cm, do not make any height difference. Provides relief of self-mobilization of the patient and prevents patient falls.

Special textile layer between foam and cover reduces shear and friction forces by cover and tricot, which follow patient and not get stuck on the mattress. The patient doesn't feel turning movement during repositioning on the bed.

With this technology we reach a higher resting comfort as well as a better pressure release.

Technical features

The total weight of mattress is 17,8kg.

This mattress is suitable for patients with a maximum weight of 190 kg. Above this weight, the preventive effects of pressure injuries may be restricted, and the mattress may be deformed.

The mattress cover is made of PERLASTIC® Silber cover dark grey with concealed L-zipper and two handles on one side.
Length 200 cm
Width 86,5 cm
Thickness 16 cm
Weight of the mattress 17,82 kg
Foam Upper Layer 7 cm Viskoelastic foam
Foam Lower layer 9 cm Cold foam
Reinforced Edge yes
Zipper 180°
Max. Patient Weight 190 kg
Min. Patient Weight 30 kg
2 Transport Handles yes
Evacuation Cover (option) yes
Foam/Cover Fire Protection Crib 5

With the correct positioning of the patient, we would recommend to using it for patients with Low, Medium and High levels of risk of Pressure Injuries.

The ViskoMatt 50 mattress is available in standard sizes 200x86,5x14 cm and 200x90x14cm. Please, contact us for more information.

The mattress core consists of 2 layers of foams: viskoelastic and cold foams with different densities.


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