wissner-bosserhoff is part of the LINET Group SE. The Group is a world leader for innovative products and solutions for the health care and nursing care markets.

Selling a wide range of products & services in over 120 countries across five continents makes the Group one of the five largest manufacturers of hospital beds in the world.

We focus on development, innovation and the practical application of advanced technologies and work closely with medical professionals to design solutions based on their needs, providing maximum safety for patients and caregivers alike.

Are you interested in working for our company?
Please forward your CV in the first instance to:

 [email protected]

Or call us any time during business hours from 8:00 to 16:00:

00420 312 576 226

00420 312 576 226

00420 312 576 498



Further information about international job opportunities at the LINET Group are available here