Healthcare products are devices at the cutting edge of technology. They bring a wide range of sophisticated functions and are equipped with various mechanical and electronic components. For trouble-free use, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance. Thanks to this, it is possible to anticipate their unplanned downtime and dramatically extend their lifetime. This is the reason why we provide service training by which means technicians can gain a basic, and also deep, knowledge of the maintenance of healthcare products.

What is included and who is it for?

The service training performed includes both theory and practical parts. The aim is to master the functions of our products and to learn, in practical way, to identify and repair any product defect from basic to complicated service procedures. Service training is designated for service engineers of our subsidiaries and service partners, but also for the technical staff of end-users, for example hospital biomedical engineers.


All  trainers are experienced service engineers, long-term employees of our company who also actively perform repairs our products. The content of the service training is tailored to the needs of the participants and is discussed in advance. Service training is always focused on specific product models.

A larger emphasis is given to the practical application of knowledge and the ability to perform defect diagnostics and repair in real situations.

After successful completion, participants are provided with certification authorizing them to perform service maintenance of the particular product models which were the subject of the training.

Programme of service training

Service training usually consists of the following parts:

  • Initial test (evaluation)
  • Product identification

Theory part, examples:

  • Column calibration
  • Scale system calibration
  • Description of electronic system
  • Main control unit functions
  • Weight evaluation unit etc.
  • Practical part, examples:
  • Exchange of mechanical parts and electrical components
  • Practical test „failure simulation“ (identification and repair)
  • Practical test „puzzle“ (installation of missing accessories for respective products)
  • Practical test „regular preventive maintenance“
  • Written test
  • Discussion (installation, spare part deliveries, ad-hoc repairs, claim processing etc.)
  • Partner web portal (functions and use), incl. access to service manuals, service videos and other supporting documentation
  • Production tour
  • Final evaluation
  • Certification

How to Participate

Participants can book their place online through the LINET partner portal, which is accessible for both daughter companies and service partners. Training possibilities can also be arranged directly through our  service dept. or with sales representatives.

Terms and conditions

Regular training is usually organised at our partner company LINET once a month. The usual (maximum) number of participants for service training is 6 people. Service training can also be arranged individually according to the customer’s /partner’s preferences.