Your benefits at a glance

The ProphyCair Low Air Loss system encourages best possible levels of patient immersion and envelopment for effective skin pressure redistribution. In addition, it creates Microclimate air flow to aid the management of moisture around the patient’s skin.

9 different pressure settings according to the patient’s needs.

3 working modes

  • Low Air Loss (LAL ) mode automatically maintains the selected pressure.
  • Pulse mode – every half minute reduces the pressure by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Max Inflate – firm and stable support for patient care.

Once turned on, the mattress automatically increases the pressure if the backrest is raised to an angle of more than 35°. This reduces the risk of the patient bottoming out.

Audio and visual alarms in case of system faults. Self canceling with audio mute option.

Power fail alarm - if the mains power supply is lost when the system is in use.

Low pressure alarm - if the hose is disconnected or there is a major air leak.

Durable and easy to clean and Dartex cover:

  • waterproof
  • vapour permeable
  • 360° zipper

Technical features

The ProphyCair mattress is made in 4 different dimensions, all suitable for bariatric patients.

ProphyCair™ Lo 200 × 87 × 18 cm 445 kg
ProphyCair™ Lo+ 200 × 99 × 18 cm 445 kg
ProphyCair™ 200 × 87 × 20.5 cm 445 kg
ProphyCair™+ 200 × 99 × 25 cm 445 kg

The weight of the mattress is approx. 7 kg (depends on the type).



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