Your benefits at a glance

- Fast response time in the event of a fall
- Safety during night and weekend shifts
- Ideal in combination with sentida low nursing beds and SafeFree® side rails

* Freedom-depriving measures
• Integrated as an option

• As retrofit kit for all electrical nursing home beds by wissner-bosserhoff (manufactured in 2002 or later)

• Available with cable or as a wireless version
Automatic night light
• Night light is automatically switched on when the resident leaves the bed
• Night light is switched off again as soon as the resident is back in bed
- Freely adjustable from 0 seconds (immediate alarm) to 30 minutes
- Adaptation to resident‘s mobility

Technical features

02-000781 - 80 x 20 cm

04-1851 - with universal holder. Available with cable or as a wireless version

01-011193 - Retaining plate for DUO9 motor

01-011194 - Retaining plate for Q7 motor

Adapter cable with and without on/off switch and compatible plug to connect it to the nurse call system (customer-specific), for cable and wireless version


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