The existing spare parts warehouse of the Wickede company has been modernised over an area of around 2,000 square metres. Over 5,500 spare parts and accessories are now available for direct dispatch, significantly improving customer care in clinics and nursing homes.

Planning for the new spare parts centre began four years ago and is now, through continuous optimisation, state-of-the-art. In keeping with the times and in a resource-saving manner, most of the work processes in the warehouse are carried out almost completely without paper.
Deliveries are assembled according to the so-called Pick&Pack procedure, in which the articles required for a delivery are taken directly from the warehouse and picked in the shipping package.

When retrieving the articles, the employees work with picking trolleys equipped with a tablet computer connected to the ERP system via W-LAN. The articles required for the respective deliveries are displayed to the pickers on the tablet in route-optimised sequence. The articles are simply removed from storage using a barcode scanner, so that the consignments can be put together in a particularly time-saving manner. The deliveries are then packed ready for dispatch at three picking stations.

New training centre for service technicians

According to § 2 of the Medical Device Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV), medical devices may only be used by persons who have the necessary expertise. This naturally also applies to the maintenance of the beds. The necessary knowledge for this are conveyed within the scope of service training on the product.

In order to further develop these training activities for the benefit of its customers, wissner-bosserhoff has invested in its premises in Wickede and built a new training centre.

Expanded warehouse for samples

The sample warehouse for the preparation and processing of sample beds, bedside tables and mattresses was also modernised and expanded. Every day, the warehouse provides a large number of test products for sampling in nursing homes and clinics as well as exhibits for trade fairs and congresses.

The newly created warehouse not only has more than 200 storage spaces, but also a closed area for the manual preparation of beds returned from test positions. This ensures 100% that patients and nursing staff of our customers receive hygienically perfect products.

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