A bedside cabinet with height-adjustable and swiveling bed-table that can be used on both sides. Practical: Two book-holder rails.

Technical features

Dimensions: W x D x H

60 x 40x 77cm
Over-bed table top: 37 x 57.5cm

  • The over-bed table can be folded down, tilted sideways and is height-adjustable from 72.5 to 105 cm
  • Over-bed table top with 2 book-holding rails of aluminum, eloxated
  • The top drawer can be opened from both sides
  • The large bottom compartment can be opened on both side of the doors
  • Inner division with shelf
  • Movable on 50 mm double castors, 2 castors (lying diagonally opposite) can be braked
  • Optional: Two ABS feet in front, two 50 mm double castors backside

Optional: With cylinder lock for top drawer

Optional: With accessory holder at the side, with towel holder and 2 accessory holders (e.g. for lamp)

Optional: Second drawer in the middle compartment


Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001


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