Your benefits at a glance

SafeFree® is

▪ optimal for getting out of bed due to its division,

▪ individually positionable,

▪ easy to grasp and embrace,

▪ a mobilization aid for getting up - alone or with support.
MobiStick 2 is

▪ quick and easy to use,

▪ clever and easy to use,

▪ a support when sitting upright on the edge of the bed,

▪ ergonomic and provides additional support when standing up.
SafeControl® is

▪ clear and ergonomic in its design,

▪ intuitive in operation and first-time error-proof due to preselection,

▪ easy to read even in the dark thanks to the motion sensor system with backlighting

▪ can be placed flexibly and safely on the SafeFree® siderail element

▪ equipped with special care functions

▪ secured against incorrect handling by an integrated locking function.
The double retraction

▪ optimizes the support surface in the sitting area by increasing the surface area of the backrest and thigh support,

▪ reduces pressure on sensitive areas of the body such as the buttocks and coccyx,

▪ facilitates breathing, as more space is created by a relaxed sitting position in the chest and abdominal area,

▪ in combination with the long backrest of almost 36 in, provides preventive and comfortable positioning for immobile residents.
The low position with 9 in offers

▪ a homelike appearance without disturbing components,

▪ a sensible solution without making the resident feel restricted,

▪ the possibility for the resident to still stand up safely with his or her own strength.
The head-side orientation position of the side rail can

▪ additionally support safety in combination with the low position of 9 in,

▪ avoid unnecessary barriers and reduce the risk of falls.
The comfortable adjustment range from 9 to 31 in enables

▪ an ergonomic and back-friendly working/care position at 31 in,

▪ in combination with the separately adjustable upper and lower leg rests, additional freedom of movement, e.g., for basic care or wound care,

▪ an effort-saving "bed/chair" transfer and vice versa with the mobilization height at chair height of 16 in,

▪ with a safe sleeping position of 9 in.
For positioning out of bed or in bed with maximum comfort, more freedom of action and a high degree of ergonomics for the caregiver, various lifting and transfer systems are available to provide support. The nursing bed should be optimally coordinated with the transfer solution.

Technical features

External dimensions: 82 x 42 in

Nominal size of lying surface: 34/35 x 79 in

Height adjustment: 9 - 31 in (depending on castor type)

Backrest adjustment: 70° ± 5° incl. backrest retraction RLR by approx. 5 in

Upper backrest adjustment: 30° ± 5° incl. upper backrest retraction by approx. 2 in

Head swivel: approx. 17°/ foot approx. 17°

Safe working load: 595 lbs (518 lbs resident weight, 77 lbs mattress + accessories)

Bed weight: approx. 254 lbs, depending on model

Protection class: IPX4

Protection class II
Fabric and imitation leather decors are available as covers that you can easily attach yourself to the head and foot sections of your healthcare beds without the need for tools. The soft covers are extremely hard-wearing, resistant to moisture and dirt, water-repellent and breathable.

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

The 4 divided side rails in combination with a wide range of configuration options for the SafeFree® side rails - as a fix or flex variant and as partial or full protection of the healthcare bed - support people at risk of falls and allow decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis.

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

The comfort lying surface is equipped with 55 spring elements that provide a high level of lying comfort and additional simple pressure relief to prevent consequential damage, e.g. due to mobility restrictions.

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

As an option, the sentida sc has a central brake on the foot side, which is easy and safe to reach. This makes it quick and easy to move the bed by releasing the central brake, e.g. for cleaning.

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

83 in - alternative bed length 83 in: protection with foot-side longer side rails without accessories and without gap > 13 in

87 in - Bed extension to 87 in: also temporarily adjustable for sentida sc with split side rails - complete protection is provided by a foot-side protector (accessory).

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

The automatic comfort seating and the prophylactic position
▪ promote the well-being of immobile residents in particular,
▪ increase the quality of life of residents in bed,
▪ support care strategies in the area of decubitus prophylaxis and wound management.

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff

The sentida sc is available in two models - homelike and extramobile. It is easy and effortless to maneuver - especially in the extra-mobile model variant with larger castors for even more driving comfort. This means that even severely impaired and immobile residents can participate in life in their living area or nursing facility in the nursing bed. Both bed variants have a central castor lock that allows the bed to be conveniently braked with just one foot movement. 

The sentida sc premium nursing home beds from wissner-bosserhoff



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