November 2021 marked the official opening of Marine Views - a senior care facility owned by Curtin Heritage Living Inc - in Cottesloe, Western Australia. The facility offers stylish, spacious single rooms and is in a fantastic beachfront location on the historic Wearne site. Floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies and a view of either the ocean or the on-site garden mean residents are close to nature at all times.

wissner-bosserhoff supplies retirement home in Western Australia

The lobby and other common areas offer residents and their families plenty of space to pursue their individual interests and participate in a variety of activities offered. The facility's concept is modern and elegant, with a natural color scheme that creates an environment conducive to relaxation.

wissner-bosserhoff supplies retirement home in Western Australia

All residents' rooms are decorated in soft pastel shades and equipped with a total of 120 sentida 6 healthcare beds and other products from our sales partner Unicare Health. It was precisely because of the straightforward, modern design with natural wood paneling that these beds were chosen to furnish the luxurious rooms.

wissner-bosserhoff supplies retirement home in Western Australia

In addition, the wide range of functions offered by this type of bed also played a decisive role in the decision. Special attention was paid to the following advantages of sentida 6:

Safety of residents and caregivers
Prevention of falls
Prevention of pressure injuries
Care of dementia patients
Functional independence and mobility
Continence care
Ease of use


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