Your benefits at a glance

The bed is equipped with painted tubular steel bed ends as standard. To make the bed more attractive and to improve cleaning, the bed can also be provided with E1 or E3 plastic ends.

As  standard, all beds are equipped with holders for  trapeze and infusion stands. The holders are situated at the corners of the head end of the bed.

Using a raster, the calf section can be mechanically adjusted to 5 height levels.

The mesh in mattress platform sections is welded under the upper edge. The standard metal mesh mattress platform can be provided with plastic covers for better cleaning.

Bars with plastic hooks are situated on both sides of the bed. The bars can be used to hang small accessories (holder for slippers, basket for a bedpan, Redon bottle holder).

The length of the bed can be extended by up to 20 cm. The foot crossbar can be extended in length by 10 cm and another 10 cm extension is available at the head section.

Technical features

Outer dimensions without side rails (with side rails)

214cm x 97(106)cm
Mattress Platform Shortened/Extension 0/+20cm
Recommended Mattress Size 200cm x 86cm x 15cm
Max. Mattress Height 18cm
Bed Height 40.5 –81cm
Maximum Backrest Angle 75°
Maximum Thigh Rest Angle 45°
Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg Positio +0°/-0°
Heightof Side Rails (above Mattress Platform) 40,5cm
Weight (Basic Equipment) 98kg
Safe Working Load 170kg
Max. Lifting Pole Load 75kg
Max. Patient Weight 150kg

Height adjustment

TR/ATR tilt adjustment N/A
Backrest adjustment motor
Thighrest adjustment motor
Calfrest mechanical ratchet
Bed extension mechanical

  • Handset + Panel for blocking functions
  • Single collapsible side rails
  • 4-section mattress platform
  • Mesh sections welded into the mattress platform
  • Plastic covers for the mattress platform (O)
  • Scissor construction
  • Non-removable powder coated HE/FE with HPL
  • Removable powder coated HE/FE with HPL
  • Removable plastic bed end design E1 with/without decor (without fixation)
  • Removable plastic bed end design E3 with decor (without fixation)


Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001