Millions of women and men worldwide have chosen to devote themselves to the worthwhile work of nursing. They take care of patients and help them to recover. They are nurses even though working in healthcare is physically very demanding and dangerous, more so than in construction! During one shift a nurse can lift a total of up to 1.8 tons. In the US alone, more than 35,000 nurses annually suffer injury to their musculoskeletal system due to enormous strain.

The new eleganza 5 bed is here to change this.

Being a nurse can be a beautiful and safe profession if exercised without unnecessary exertion and with elegance, joy and dedication. Thanks to the eleganza 5 bed, nurses can relish the true essence of their profession without harming themselves. The eleganza 5 elevates the work of healthcare professionals to a real art, the art of nursing.

Art of Turning

To make the bed, change the patient’s clothes, wash or position the patient without strain, use the power of the 15° lateral tilt to the left or the right. Work will be easier and more ergonomic. Empirical measurements have demonstrated that there is a 30% saving in the energy expended. The lateral tilt works in perfect combination with the foot control. The nurse controls the tilt with a foot and both hands are free to work with the patient. The new technology concealed in the bed columns ensures the bed moves completely smoothly and the care is sensitive and considerate.

Thanks to the easy handling, prevention of pressure ulcers is also improved because the staff can reposition the patient more frequently with less effort.

Art of Safety

The eleganza 5 bed safety system is enhanced in two ways. Not only is the eleganza 5 equipped with a number of sophisticated safety features, but the main parameters are also continuously monitored by a monitoring system.

  • The eleganza 5 devotes great attention to the siderails. The safe minimal gaps or the lowered siderail sensor are a must.
  • The i-Brake system prevents falls if the bed brakes are not activated.
  • The Safe Stop feature protects against injury in the lowest bed position.
  • The Multizone Bed Exit Alarm does not just raise an alert when the patient leaves the bed, but also indicates the risk for any unusual movement made by the patient.
  • The 30° Autostop feature always stops the backrest at the tilt for easier breathing.
  • The option of setting the bed to a very low position lessens the consequences of falls.

The BedMonitor system monitors the important safety features, so the staff have an overview of them on their monitor, tablet or phone.

Art of Mobilization

Mobilization has never been so easy. Thanks to the symbiosis of 3 features, patients have help at hand that will literally put them back on their feet.

  • The new and unique Mobi-Lift handle which will set the bed at the appropriate height.
  • The ergonomically shaped handle in the siderail provides support for leaving the bed.
  • With the help of the lateral tilt, patients can stand up with the minimum of effort.

The Centre of Excellence in Posture, Movements & Handling in Birmingham, in cooperation with wissner-bosserhoff, has calculated that a patient leaving a bed equipped with the Mobi-Lift handle or lateral tilt expends half as much effort as opposed to a standard bed.

Easy and safe mobilization on the eleganza 5 bed speeds up the patient’s convalescence and improves self-confidence. It also eliminates the demanding physical work of healthcare professionals. Shorter hospitalization also reduces treatment costs.

Art of Positioning

The broad range of bed-positioning options expands patient treatment options and increases patient comfort. For healthcare professionals, the benefits of electric positioning are clear: zero effort, easy control and effective care. The frequent repositioning of the cardiac chair supports breathing in cases of respiratory problems and is pleasant for the patient when reading or watching television. The Ergoframe system extends the space in the pelvic area and so reduces the risk of pressure ulcers. The bed has highly varied positioning so it can be set precisely according to the patient’s needs: Fowler’s position 30/30, tiltable position, vascular or fully vascular; all this for individual and effective care.

Art of Communications

The eleganza 5 embodies a new method of communication. The bed’s smart technology, monitoring systems and their connection to other information systems make the eleganza 5 a new generation bed. The centre is the revolutionary iBoard – the point from which the nurse controls the entire bed and its accessories. It is located in the head siderail close to the patient. The ergonomics are optimal for the nurse, who has no need to move around the bed. The iBoard has everything that modern technology should have: a logical single-level structure, intuitive controls, a display visible from all angles, high resolution and clarity, preselected functions and safety features.

However the eleganza 5 has even more to offer. It is a bed which communicates! The BedMonitor system, with the aid of sensors built into the bed, provides information about the bed’s safety parameters. The data can be monitored and assessed over the long term, and managers have an effective tool for risk management to hand.

A further module integrated into the bed sends the necessary data to the hospital information system by Wi-Fi or LAN. It is therefore possible to monitor the bed’s settings, the condition of the components and efficiency of use of the bed’s resources.

eleganza 5 is the Art of Nursing. It offers the maximum to make care easy and effective. Use the Art of Nursing of the eleganza 5 bed.

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