In an intensive care ward, everything has to be perfect: Maximum performance is a must here, both on the part of staff and technology. For this reason, the specialists in the intensive care ward need medical equipment they can rely on at all times. Thanks to its reliable high-tech functions for all areas of intensive care, the state-of-the-art intensive care bed multicare eases the workload of staff and, at the same time, supports the patient over the entire recovery process.

Fall risk prevention

Falls are, without a doubt, one of the biggest risks of hospital care and result in severe complications. According to a study conducted by the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, as many as 65% of falls are bed-related. That is why our beds are developed to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible. Apart from the comprehensive safety concept of the siderails, the beds are equipped with sophisticated functions that improve patient safety even more.
Intelligent automatic i-Brake® - The brake is automatically activated if the bed is left standing for 1 minute unbraked and connected to the electricity supply. This function helps to prevent falls caused by unstable unbraked bed, especially during patient bed exit and mobilisation procedures.

Multizone Bed Exit Alarm - The alarm sound allows the staff to effectively intervene if the patient exits the bed. The system monitors patient’s presence and movements in bed. Two modes are used to set up the monitoring according to the risk level assessment. In either mode, a temporary break can be set during nursing procedures.
Orthopnoeic position for easier breathing - The orthopnoeic chair position is mainly designed for patients with dyspnoea at rest. This one-button function combines a high Fowler position, reducing pressure in the abdominal area for easier diaphragmatic breathing and allowing better use of additional breathing muscles.

The pressure in the abdominal area is reduced thanks to the extension of the Ergoframe® mattress platform which creates more space within the sitting area. This will facilitate deep abdominal breathing. The integrated retraction of the bed length provides effective foot support against the foot-end. This will allow the patient to use additional muscles for easier breathing.

New sophisticated features of intensive beds  for early patient mobilization

Early mobility in the ICU could minimize the loss of functional abilities, thereby shorten hospital stays. Therefore we have developed multifunctional bed frames to help with the immobilization syndrome prevention. Patients have three powerful aids close by to help them get back on their feet. The mobilization process can start early so the patient can gain in self-confidence. This also reduces the physical strain on staff.

1. Mobi-Lift® - UNIQUE! The patients control their stability and adjust the bed height using the integrated Mobi-Lift® handle.
2. MobiRails - Ergonomically shaped handles in the siderails.
3. Lateral Tilt - Lateral tilt of the bed will assist the patients during the sit-to-stand mobilization procedure.

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