wissner-bosserhoff designed the image 3-w especially for effective cleaning in washing facilities and decontamination centers. The bed now received two renowned awards: the IF Award and the PlusX Award.
"We are very proud to have received these two popular design awards. The image 3-w is a great example of outstanding cooperation between product development, design, product management and marketing teams. With the washable low hospital bed, the course for future innovations with sustainable value for hospitals has been set," says Uwe Deckert, Head of Product Management and Marketing, about the brilliant achievement.

Thanks to its intelligent product design, the image 3-w sustainably improves and simplifies the compliance with hygiene requirements in hospital routines. The clean design of the undercarriage and bed, which is free from troughs and dips, enables optimal drying following cleaning and disinfection. This means that the image 3-w exceeds the requirements of the Working Group for Bed Frame and Cart Decontamination Systems (AK-BWA). In fact, the versatile hospital bed was put under an extensive series of tests in the Miele Professional large chamber wash system to demonstrate its suitability. As part of a safe and verifiable process, the image 3-w underwent an intensive endurance test. Not only was its washing performance in the Miele system outstanding, but the water drainage and the subsequent availability of the hospital bed were deemed faultless.

Apart from optimal washability, a great deal of focus is placed on aspects such as fall prevention and mobilization support. Among other things, innovative, successful solutions were adopted for the image 3-w, including the patented SafeFree® side guards, which have been tried and tested on over 300,000 hospital beds, the trusted 3-stop strategy and the middle fifth transport wheel. The new bed of the image 3 series also features a homely hotel design with clean lines to create a pleasant ambience. The good balance between modern aluminum and homely wooden decor achieves a harmonious, timeless appearance and provides an active healing environment.

For more than 60 years, the IF Award has been a worldwide recognized trade mark when it comes to design awards and has become an established symbol for outstanding international design accomplishments. There were many applications by competitors: The international expert jury, which consists of 58 design experts, had to choose from 5,295 applicants from 53 countries to award the highly coveted quality seal. The IF Award will be awarded on February 26 at the "BMW Welt" in Munich.

In 2016, the Plus X Award - an innovation award for products from the areas of technology, sports and lifestyle - is being awarded for the thirteenth time and honors manufacturers for the quality advantage of their products. The Plus X Award quality seals are awarded in seven different categories. The image 3-w convinced the jury in even five of them (innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ergonomics).

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