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The top cover is a high quality 2 way stretch vapour permeable Dartex material. This material allows the skin to breathe and removes vapour from the skin surface, thus preventing skin maceration.

Air2Care offers the versatility of a choice of mattress types – overlay, air + foam mattress replacement, air + air mattresss replacement and seat cushion. This versatility allows the carer to make the best choice for the patient's requirements.

The System Control Units are simple and intuitive to use, the Air2Care 10 is a simple analogue unit whereas the Air2Care 20 is a digital microprocessor cotrolled unit with the added functionality of Constant Low Pressure. Both SCUs have easy to use bed hooks, an ergonomically designed 'scoop' handle and anti-vibration pads to eliminate any noise.

The mattress remains inflated if put into transport mode for up to 12 hours, allowing the SCU to go with the patient to the chair. The mattress remains inflated and ready for the patient to return and re-attach the SCU.

Provision of  a seat cushion gives the patient 24 hour protection whether in bed or in a chair.

Air mattress provides a single layer patient surface that alternates between 2 cells in a 12-minute cycle pattern. Static head cells and 2 static cells in the patient's mid-back region give added comfort whilst ensuring optimal protection against pressure ulcers

Air cells in the vulnerable heel section are 25% smaller than the standard alternating air cells giving added protection to this highly vulnerable area.

Technical features

Mattress Replacement: 200 × 86 × 17 cm
Matress Overlay:           200 × 86 × 9.3 cm
Dynamic Cushion:           45 × 50 × 12.5 cm
System Control Unit:       12 × 26 × 21.5 cm

  • Designed for use by low to medium risk patients.
  • Total weight of the Ergomatt mattress is 12.5 kg.

This mattress can be used for patients weighing up to 180 kg (Overlay system), 200 – 210 kg (Replacement system). If this weight limit is exceeded, prevention and therapy features could be affected.

  • Full 2 way stretch, water proof, vapour permeable cover with 360 degree zip with flaps.

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