A wardrobe especially designed for residents suffering from dementia. Thanks to the two-color design, the outline can be seen better by the resident, minimizing the risk of injuries. The rounded edges also increase safety. Through the transparent doors, the contents of the wardrobe can be seen at first glance. The inside of the wardrobe provides plenty of storage space for clothes and personal belongings.

Technical features

Outer dimensions:

1000 x 2000 x 600mm

  • melamine-coated
  • borders with rounded profiles
  • edges in contrast color
  • At the front two transparent doors made of tempered safety glass and two 128 mm curved segment handles
  • optionally with top edge and transparent window on the top

  • optionally with possibility of hiding the mirror behind the wardrobe door

  • optionally with label set with symbols for clothes printed on for easy recognition of the wardrobe contents

  • optionally with 224 mm curved segment handles made of aluminum

  • optional with 4 adjustable feet

  • 175 ° hinges
  • Easy identification of clothes inside the wardrobe
  • Low risk of injury in case the resident collides with the edges of the wardrobe
  • Resident can easily see his personal belongings inside the wardrobe
  • The outline of the wardrobe can be seen better by the resident, risk of injuries is minimized
  • Body Havana cherry (R5681) / edges After-Eight (R5447)

  • Body maple (R5184) / Edges Havana cherry (R5681)

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