Technical features

Outer dimensions:

1225 x 800x 500mm

  • Body Havana cherry (R5681) / edges After-Eight (R5447)

  • Body maple (R5184) / Edges Havana cherry (R5681)

    • Outline of the dresser can be seen better by the resident, minimizing the risk of injuries
    • Low risk of injury in case the resident collides with the edges of the dresser
    • The resident can easily see their personal belongings inside the dresser made of tempered safety glass
    • Easy identification of clothes inside the wardrobe
    • The drawers in the bottom part can be easily opened and closed by pushing
    • Two drawers in the upper part made of tempered safety glass
    • Two drawers in the bottom part with push-lock system


    • melamine coated
    • edges in contrast surface
    • Bottom drawers optionally available in lockable version
    • Special handle 224 aluminium
    • Label set with symbols for clothes for easy recognition of the contents