Your benefits:

39.4 in wide comfort bed
Reinforcement of the foot parts with two additional screws
Robust and durable, making it ideal for everyday use
Can be adjusted to 4 different heights
No middle post, no dangerous middle gap
Access to residents in 4 sec. at the most
No space needed on the side
10 in = Fall prevention during sleep
16 in = Easier mobilization for ingress/egress
32 in = Injury reduction during nursing care
Extend bed easily with a cable pull for divided side guards
Bed length is adjusted without any tools in a matter of seconds
Switchable ON/OFF via handset
Helps the resident find their way at night
More safety for the resident
Simple power connection control

In addition to its clarity and ergonomic design, the SafeControl® handset stands out due to its intuitive operation. Thanks to motion sensors and controlled backlighting, all selectable functions are displayed to the operator, ensuring easy operation. This ensures easy operation, especially at night.

In addition to fixed side elements, our SafeFree® Flex side rail concept offers as much freedom as possible and as much protection as necessary. This allows you to react the changing needs of your residents.

We would like to make your residents' stay in the nursing bed as pleasant as possible - they should feel comfortable in their bed and room. Our new care beds in hotel design offer numerous combination possibilities with attractive fabric and imitation leather decors.

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Technical features

Safe working load: 595 lb
Outer dimensions: 82 x 46 in
Hybrid lifting column
Castors: 2 in double running castors
Movability: moveable in low position
Head and side telescopic wall spacers 
Horizontal protective corner bumpers
Vertical protective corner bumpers

Divided side rails SafeFree® (1)

Continuous side rails (2)




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