Bigla Care AG has been successfully marketing the hospital and nursing home beds of the LINET Group under the wissner-bosserhoff brand for over 20 years. Now the respected Swiss company has decided to fully integrate into the group.

Thanks to this important step, the strong market position in Switzerland in the business fields of clinics and nursing homes is to be secured and expanded in the long term. With the network of Bigla Care and the international know-how of LINET Group, it will be possible to expand the product portfolio under the brand wissner-bosserhoff on the Swiss clinic and care market. With the acquisition of Bigla Care AG, the group of companies is sending out a strong signal for the future: the aim is to work the highly competitive Swiss market with combined forces. The combination of the leading products with the market coverage of Bigla Care AG will create a sustainable advantage for customers to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


"With the integration of Bigla Care AG into the LINET Group, we are seizing the opportunity to improve our range and quality of service for our customers through even greater customer proximity and shorter reaction times. On the one hand, we are relying on the excellent qualifications and many years of experience of Bigla's employees and, on the other hand, we are making full use of our worldwide know-how in the production and distribution of hospital and care beds", LINET Group CEO Thomas Erbslöh welcomes the takeover.


As delegate of the board of directors, the head of corporate development of wissner-bosserhoff, Rolf Christoph Haase was appointed. "With an intensification of customer contact, products recognized in the market and our groundbreaking innovations, we see good growth opportunities for Bigla Care AG," said Haase.

Monika Löffel-Bösch will continue her personal commitment and will remain on the Board of Directors of Bigla Care AG: "I am convinced that this important strategic step will enable us to achieve an even more successful positioning of Bigla Care AG on the Swiss market and to secure the future of the company and jobs in the long term.

The new Board of Directors of Bigla Care AG, consisting of Thomas Erbslöh, Rolf Christoph Haase and the two previous members Monika Löffel-Bösch and Andreas Rickenbacher, informed the employees of Bigla Care AG during a kick-off event at the headquarters in Biglen. Together, they set the first course for a successful collaboration between wissner-bosserhoff and the Bigla team.


On the cover picture: On 14 September 2020, the takeover of Bigla Care AG by the Linet Group was sealed by the wissner-bosserhoff top management, from left to right Thomas Erbslöh, Managing Director wissner-bosserhoff GmbH, Monika Löffel-Bösch, Bigla Care AG, Rolf Christoph Haase, Head of Corporate Development wissner-bosserhoff GmbH, Andreas Rickenbacher, Bigla Care AG.

About Bigla

Bigla's success story began in 1904, when Spichiger & Cie. Eisenmöbelfabrik in Biglen (BE) primarily produced beds for adults and children. Later, the production of special furniture was added, and in 1925 the first office furniture program was introduced under the name "Bigla". From the 1930s Bigla produced hospital beds and already equipped numerous hospitals and nursing homes in Switzerland.

In 1999 Fritz Bösch took over the company. At the turn of the millennium, the company increasingly focused on the "Care" business area and facilities for nursing homes and hospitals. The separation of the business areas "Office" and "Care" took place in 2018. Until the takeover by the LINET Group, Bigla Care AG was 100% family owned.

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