Technical features

Outer dimensions:

1500 x 2000 x 600 mm

  • Body Havana cherry (R5681) / edges After-Eight (R5447)

  • Body maple (R5184) / Edges Havana cherry (R5681)

    • The outline of the wardrobe can be seen better by the resident, risk of injuries is minimized
    • Low risk of injury in case the resident collides with the edges of the wardrobe
    • Resident can easily see his personal belongings inside the wardrobe
    • Easy identification of clothes inside the wardrobe
    • Special nurse compartment on the side for having care products etc within reach, hard to recognize for the resident
    • Melamine-coated
    • Borders with rounded profiles edges in contrast color
    • 175° hinges
    • Optionally with top edge and transparent window on the top
    • Optionally with possibility of hiding the mirror behind the wardrobe door
    • Optionally with label set with symbols for clothes printed on for easy recognition of the wardrobe contents
    • Optionally with 224 mm curved segment handles made of aluminium
    • Optional with 4 adjustable feet
    • 2 transparent doors made of tempered safety glass surface in the front and two 128 mm curved segment handles
    • 1 lockable nurse door

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