Dresser with 2 drawers in upper part and two doors. The dresser offers plenty of storage space for large and small objects and can be easily opened thanks to the 128 mm curved segment handles. Integrated drilled soft-closes reduce the noise level when closing the doors.

Technical features

  • 128 mm segment arc handles
  • Optionally available with 1 lock for the right drawer
  • Optionally available with 2 locks for for the left and right drawer, individually keyed
  • With drilled soft-closes
  • Optional: 2 doors with stop damping in the concealed hinge

Dimensions: W x H x D

80 x 80 x 45 cm
Body: melamine-coated with 2 mm ABS edge, 19 mm boards

  • Optional: 2 drawers with soft closing

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Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001