Your benefits at a glance

The individually lockable SafeFree® side rails provide maximum protection during everyday care.
• Lockable handset compartment for nurse handset (all functions)
• Optional resident/patient plug & play handset (not depicted) with limited functions below the patient surface
The fixed metal patient surface, covered cable ducts, and integrated restraining belt holders make the bed suitable for exceptional cases in mental health care and increase safety in crisis interventions.
In addition to the existing restraining belt holders, there are additional recesses the ability to integrate more holders on the bed
The option of a battery system ensures a comfortable daily care routine even without connection to a mains socket.
The rubber dampers under the backrest provide protection for the lying surface and the bed frame, even at extremely high efforts.

Technical features

The SafeFree® side rails and handset concept can be adapted to individual customer needs in acute, short and long-term care. The fixed metal surface, the concealed cable guide and the integrated
restraining belt holders support in exceptional mental situations and create security for crisis intervention.

Functionality, design and material selection allow a use in the acute, short and long-term care of mentally ill people in the nursing homes and hospitals.


• Easy to clean surfaces help implement hygiene concepts.
• The scratch and impact-resistant surfaces can withstand manifold strains in daily nursing care.
Safe woriking load: 225 kg
Outer dimensions: 208 x 106 cm

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