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New decontamination center opens in France

A new decontamination center has recently opened in France. About 60% of the daily maximum capacity (about 230 units) of the equipment of the facility has already been covered by a contract with APHP (amalgamation of 50 university clinics in Paris).


Air2Care – the new anti-decubitus mattress

The Air2Care products are primarily intended for patients and people needing care. An active mattress like Air2Care achieves its therapeutic effect due to a layer of air with alternating pressure.


image 3-w – The washable hospital bed

The “W” in the product name stands for “washable”; the new generation of beds has been especially developed for effective use in washing facilities and decontamination centers.

Active Seniors –  The new wissner-bosserhoff portrait calendar has come out


Active Seniors – The new wissner-bosserhoff portrait calendar has come out

Wickede, December 2014 - Sport is this year’s theme for our calendar series “Homage to Life.” During research and the photo shoots we noticed one thing: Whether in the water, ashore or in the air – our seniors are unstoppable! René Schwerdtel, photographer from…


LINET Group announces another record revenue

LINET Group, the leading European producer of healthcare beds, closed its 2013/2014 financial year with record net revenues of EUR 146.7 million. In a year-on-year comparison, that represents an increase of 8.4 percent; recurring EBITDA reached EUR 22.6 million…


wissner-bosserhoff wins major contract in Turkey

wissner-bosserhoff, working in cooperation with trade partner Acendis, was chosen over competitors from all over the world to be the sole supplier of hospital beds and accessories for Medical Park, one of the largest hospital associations in Turkey.