Staff shortages or understaffing of wards often pose a serious problem in nursing homes. Time saving is thus an important factor for ensuring economic efficiency. The care rate in nursing homes is approximately 1 to 10, which means there are 10 residents per caregiver. At night or on weekend shifts there are even more residents per caregiver, because staffing levels are even lower then. This is means that the risk of accidents increases significantly. It is therefore important to provide aids that make it possible to save time in daily nursing processes.

Aids to increase time savings

The divided SafeFree® side guards are an efficient solution, for example, because they can be lowered in less than 2 seconds, thus enabling quicker access to the resident, and raising is just as fast. In addition, handling side guards is often a real dilemma accompanied by serious liability risks: Side guards that offertoo little protection can result in serious falls, while too much protection on the other hand, may count as freedom-depriving measures in the legal sense.
So-called express bed extensions can be a practical solution that make it possible to adjust the length of the bed without tools. Bed exit systems with integrated sensors can considerably improve safety, especially during night and weekend shifts when there are fewer staff. The bed exit assistant system can minimize the need for side guards, especially at night, while maintaining the freedom of the resident/patient. An automatic night light helps the resident/patient to safely find their way to the bathroom at night. It is automatically switched on when the resident/patient leaves the bed and is switched off when they return. The interval of the nurse call timer can be set flexibly, depending on the individual degrees of mobility of the residents/patients. Weighing residents can also be particularly time-consuming, especially when repositioning using bed lifters is necessary. This sensor has already been integrated into all beds with integrated weighing system.
Furthermore, it is possible to weigh and document the weight without the need for time-consuming repositioning.

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